Gauge Isolators and Protectors

Our gauge isolators are made from Stainless Steel and/or Aluminum for long life. There are no plastic or stamped tin pieces on our isolators. They will not crack, chip, dent, crumble or corrode.

Our Gauge Isolators are used to isolate harmful media from pressure gauges and transmitters. They are commonly used to prevent corrosive liquids or slurries from coming in contact with gauges so they don't clog or corrode the gauges. They can also be used to isolate one media from another.

Our isolators can be ordered with a gauge mounted on it or a gauge can be mounted on the isolator in the field. There are no special tools needed. We have a wide selection of gauge ranges and sizes in stock so we can ship quickly.

If you need special pricing for volume orders, call or email us at sales@beccontrols.com

Gauge and Transmitter Isolator - Build Your Own. Starts at $35.
  • 15 - 600 PSI
  • 2-1/2" or 4-1/2 inch dials dry or liquid filled
  • Aluminum or Stainless Steel Housings
  • Rated for media temperatures up to 500 F
  • Fluorocarbon Membranes - Other materials available

  • Reorder a Replacement Gauge Protector - You have an old version part number
    Reorder a gauge isolator that has an old version part number by entering the part number stamped on the metal gauge isolator. This part number does not show up on the gauge isolator builder above.

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